Baby Girl before you open that door,



And then wait a little longer

Listen to your heart

Listen to your instincts 

They never fail you, have never failed you.

Before you let down your guard,

Before you let them see you

You know you, the romantic 

You the comic


The intellect they can get for free

The comic if you really like them, 

But the romantic you gotta wait.

She might be too strong for them to handle

Too much to take in

Bullshit!  forget that !

She is you 

Not everyone deserves her

Pat her, wrap her, keep her , bound her if you must

But do not let them see her

Because she is everything that you are

The core of your being 

The place where the wells rest

When she is out the intellect dies

She is that part I wish remained locked away forever 

She is that part that hurts always

That part that makes the center of your palm hurt.