I simply cannot write

Been writing snippets and tossing them aside right in the middle of it for a while now

I have a lot of ideas to write about in my head

But there simply is no fire

And when I can’t feel that fire anything I write simply won’t cut it

I am not sure why this is happening

The only thing I know is

That incurable romantic seems to be dying

I am just listless

I cannot feel anything anymore

Maybe it’s still all in there

Waiting to pop out one day

But right now it’s all quiet in there

It’s all empty

All those things that seem to matter to me don’t mean nothing now

I am simply indifferent

It just feels like nothing can shock me anymore

Maybe one day soon something will ignite that fire again

Make me what to write again

Maybe tomorrow I will visit those drafts and find them worthy enough to share

But today I am just indifferent really

I simply do not care