photo credit:Pixabay.com

Okay, so I have been beating myself up about how much of a fool I was. Thinking how could I have fallen for all the things that you did and said.

In my opinion, I have been expending too much energy hating you and dragging up every not so good memory of the brief time I had with you.

Here I am today, sitting in a strange town, miles away from home and I run into your AVI on twitter. Yea I know what you are thinking, there is no running into anyone’s AVI

Okay so I deliberately clicked on and enlarged your picture, staring at that smile. And then I ask myself, why  I am expending so much energy on hating you and trying to paint you black in my mind. (I actually know why, mind you)Might just be easier to relax and allow myself the luxury of missing you. Yea almighty, proud, stubborn me is admitting this even to myself.

As much as you were an ass in the end, I miss you.

I miss you now

I tell myself, Girl! Cut yourself some slack, you are human after all.

All that talk of ice in your heart is a farce. Let it up, let it out now. It’s okay to sometimes miss him.

After all you fell in love with him, after all he connected with your “sapio”. After all you thought you had met that person that finally gets you.

It all felt like a fairytale with just enough reality to make it okay. Just enough imperfection to make you relax on those flurry feelings. Just enough drama to want to fight for it. just enough sympathy to make you want to sacrifice for it.

It is okay to miss him because after all you were able to let down your guard for once and be you.

Girl it’s okay to miss the man that created those butterflies in your stomach.

Miss him Girl, Miss him.

This holding back has taken too much away from you already. It has left you empty, hard and void of emotions.

It’s time to let the incurable romantic out again.