Hey Diary,

Been a minute! Don’t mind me. I have missed you but I have learnt not to put pen to paper until that inner push comes. The writing always comes out better when its not forced.

Nine out of ten reviews i have gotten from my writing is : “It’s honest, sincere and innocent”  and I am not about to change that just yet.

I have written a million things in my head though . ..Everyday I do.

Its strange because i cannot seem to access the poet. Last year I took a few major life decisions. I changed jobs and  I got married!

Its been a whole lot of new experiences for me. A lot of firsts I’ve had to deal with and also a lot of self discovery and self questioning especially at my new work place. I’ve had to cope with a difficult boss and learn and unlearn somethings which I will share soon.

I have also hesitated about sharing so many things too because i have to think of someone else in my life now whose feelings i’d have to consider but then again this has always been my comfort place so I will be back. Soon.

Someone just took a peek at  my computer!!!

Gotta go!