Recently I have come to realize that I have lived a sheltered life of some sort

I don’t consider myself an ” Ajebutter” ( Not that anyone ever believed that i am not) but i would say for the better part of my life before now I have been lucky with the people around me.

So at this point I am actually getting major shockers from what people can actually do to their fellow human being, that people can deliberately set out to hurt you and for no good reason too.

How some people can be mean for no reason be envious, jealous just to name a few

It is just so sad because I have always believed there is good in every person and always try to make excuses for people’s bad behavior and people have often warned me. ” Girl, don’t be so naive, this person is bad”

The bitter truth is some people just do not have a conscience. That thing has just died inside of them.

People can be selfish, sneaky, bitter and just plain evil. its shocking and for the past one year I have just been getting shocks up on shocks.

Like not everyone is happy to see you progress, some people want to dim your light. Some of your ” Friends” are really not happy you are shining .

Abuse doesn’t just happen in intimate relationships: That is topic for another day.

But today i prayed for grace to keep m mind pure, Grace to be kind and true, grace to be compassionate because damn its hard to keep your mind pure when you have just been dished a dose of evil. The temptation to repay evil with evil is strong.

Honestly I don’t want to loose the  core of what I am made of  to my recent experiences.

I just want to glide through this unscathed,unburnt and be the same me.

My greatest fear is turning out to be the Monster that haunts me